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Exhibition information at The Beetroot Tree

This archive will only show the main information from our exhibitions since the current website. If you would like to know more about the vast number of previous exhibitions, please contact us.

Featured Artist Neil Pledger
10 January 2014 - 6 March 2014
Neil get his inspiration from the eclectic vibrance and the textures found in what he describes as Cocooned Places. They are often sealed from public access, leaving behind objects or features that draw the observer into a story full of natural light and shadow, forgotten objects such as a chair or a child's toy.

Neil Pledger exhibition at The Beetroot Tree

Creative Greenhouse
8 - 18 January 2014
An array of unique items designed and made by selected Creative Greenhouse members; all artists and craftspeople from Nottinghamshire, Derbyshire and the East Midlands.

By Invitation
26 November - 4 January
A stunning visual display of specially selected guest Artists and Designer-Makers will be on show in the Main Gallery in the run up to Christmas. Cherry picked for the wow factor, these artists each excel in their chosen field: sculpture, ceramics, textiles, glass, jewellery, paintings, home-ware and photography are all represented.

Featured Artist: Josephine Harvatt
26 October - 9 January 2014
Josephine Harvatt's paintings show the world, not always as it is, but as she would wish it to be: a joyful harmonious balance of forms and colours. Influenced by the European tradition of naïve and folk art Josephine works mainly from memories and dreams to create a private refuge for the viewer.

Josephine Harvatt

A Visual Poetry Exhibition
12 - 23 November 2013
The Lotus Bug: Catch it to Come Alive
An interactive experience and unique exhibition that speaks collaboratively about a human experience of embodiment and enlightenment.

Maker's Mark
21 September - 9 November 2013
Where the interaction of the artist is recorded on the surface, we discover the Maker’s Mark. A multi disciplinary exhibition of work from Helen Parrott, Dawn Harris, Louise Jannetta, Maggie Ayres, Paul Matostic, Bridget McVey, Gizella K Warburton, and a new collaboration from Gavin Darby & Phil Jones.

Rita Yates
24 August - 24 October 2013
The texture, symmetry and tessellation of shape is evident in Rita's design work and preparation and reflects her love of texture, colour and contrasting foliage.

Tukuru | Paul Hirst
3 August - 14 September 2013
Tukuru Textiles promote traditional textile weaving and crafts from South America, supporting the few people who are keeping their skilled traditional crafts alive and enabling them to pass on their heritage and knowledge to a wider community.
Guest Artist Paul Hirst
Paul Hirst is an artist whose work examines the landscape and environments that surround him. Hirst is interested in the way we view and interpret the landscape and how it is informed by many factors, including our experiences, interests and imagination and the results of when these factors are combined with the reality of the natural environment.

Caren Garfen
29 June - 22 August 2013
Caren uses textiles to create artworks relating to women’s issues in the 21st century. Photographic silkscreen printing and painstaking hand stitch are used to convey messages on gender politics. She meticulously researches specific themes such as domesticity, work/life balance, and the body; the practice is the embodiment of the research.

15 June - 27 July 2013

With a nod to the way we carve up our personal space in homes, allotments, office desks, ‘Allotted’ presents individual spaces in the gallery of artist’s worked form a broad range of media.

Centre stage in the gallery will be a new realisation of the ‘Gallery Garden’ from Bethany Walker (concrete and textiles) and Stevie Davies (kiln fused glass) previously seen at the National Centre of Craft & Design.
Surrounding displays come from: Andy Cairns, the alchemy of recycling; Claire Williams, twisted silver jewellery; Jenny Meehan, Digital Prints; Karoline Rerrie, illustrator and printmaker; Kate Robotham, painting conceptually driven by an interest in materiality; Katherine Jones (Printfest Printmaker of the Year 2013), the metaphor of the glass house explored through printmaking; Katie Gayle, silver, gold and platinum hand crafted jewellery; Marie Wright, mixed media observing the fragility and changing nature of the area of Morecambe Bay; Nita Nathwani; organic forms in paper clay; Presiana Shisheva (winner of The Glass Prize 2013, student category), juxtaposing natural and manmade materials to consider our built and natural environments; and Sue Lancaster, domestic landscapes described in textile design.

Spencer Jenkins
4 May - 27 June 2013
Spencer creates beautiful functional sculptures from woven, carved and steamed wood. Each product is individually designed and handcrafted. “My work evolves from ideas, hints and suggestions I receive from the landscape around me. I enjoy physically transforming the identity of wood, thin, fragile becomes a dense mass, hardwood, reshaped, thin, light and curved."

Industrial Abstract
20 April - 8 June2013
Featuring work from Alice Fox (textiles), James Faulkner (ceramics), Paul Storer (photography) and Lorraine Clewlow (sculpture), Industrial Abstract focuses on our build environment and the surfaces that surround us.

Helen Gorrill
8 March - 2 May 2013
Whilst the poses of Gorrill's females are taken directly from art history and set up as though for the male gaze, a closer look at these 2012 collages raises a question-mark over the issue of equality, revealing the posed women as fractured and torn, reconstructed from the broken imagery of the dream of the perfect housewife in 1950s magazines, juxtaposed with the objectified content of contemporary 'lads mags' These collages were based on an international residency, and since returning Gorrill has carefully sourced antique and vintage wallpapers for the work, along with researching colour and historical paint palattes.

8 March - 7 April 2013
This exhibition heralds the arrival of the mass-media and the photographic factory. The St Andrews Library Photographic Archive holds a large collection of 30,000 items; almost the entire collection from the James Valentines & Co. archive. These images reveal the origins of the traditional picture postcard. As descriptive images of the locations they depict, the postcards can now be seen as historical documents. When viewed in their current context they can support an understanding of the development of the medium.

Miniature Magnified
2 March - 13 April 2013
This exhibition brings together five artists telescoping the eye in order to draw out the intricacies of our existence. Matt Clarke, Ann Goddard and Serena Smith explore the microscopic and the cellular, the world inside; while Edward Jeavons and Charlotte Hupfield take the external world and reduce to its representation in our mind’s eye – the miniature landscape that speaks of memory and longing.

Peta O'Connor
12 January - 7 March 2013
Through her art Peta explores and celebrats living. Her aim is to envision the spirit and soul of the subject, distil the core elements, then capture them in stance and form.

12 to 24 February 2013
Annual exhibition for under 18's

The Beetroot Tree Gallery Annual Open Exhibition
26 January to 9 February 2013

Featured Artist - Ruth Lyne
17 November '12 - 6 January '13
Ruth Lyne has always been intrigued by the natural colours and textures of the sea shore, by the wide horizons and the surface of the cliffs. Fusing glass with metal leaf at a temperature of over 800 degrees allows her to create a permanent image inspired by these memories.

Christmas Solo Exhibition - Neil Bottle
Sat 17 Nov '12 - Sun 6 Jan '13
Neil uses a combination of the latest cutting edge digital print techniques such as digital print and dye sublimation combined with craft traditions such as hand pleating and Shibori have been developed in the new work. He is intrigued by the relationship between digital textile print and craft techniques and how these seemingly opposing practices can coexist.

Harrington Mill Group | Not Run of The Mill
Thur 1 Nov - Sun 11 Nov 2012
The exhibition here features a snapshot of the creativity on offer at the Mill, it is neither a representative or a complete perspective on what goes on but rather is a lively and eccentric collection of some of the art that is made there and is certainly not run of the Mill.

Featured Artist - Stewart Kelly | Life Lines
29 September - 8 November 2012
Stewart’s recent work has involved producing a series of stitched artworks derived from drawings and prints of the human form. The ‘Life Lines’ series is part of an ongoing body of work which explores themes including the human form, the projection of identity and the self.

Brocade & Beyond
Sat 15 September - Sun 28 October 2012
Focusing on the ‘intricacies of manipulated thread’, this exhibition challenges the boundaries of thread perception. Work includes the beautifully delicate woven textile hangings by Jan Garside and garments of knitted Steel by Karl Christian Geleff. Lacy jewellery, paper jewellery and glassware by our talented artists.
Artists include Jan Garside, Jonathan Polkest, Anna Krystyna Casey, Judith Brown, Kate Holdsworth, Helen West, Katherine Richmond, Kate Aimson, Lesley Alexander, Jennie Merrymen and Karl Christian Geleff.

Featured Artist - Jo Beattie
Sat 11 August - Thurs 27 September
Jo's work is a reflection on memories of people we love and how we associate them with what they wear. Their patterns and colours are embedded into our memory and become inseparable from our image of them. Our patterns and colours determine not only our character and how we want to be perceived by others but also define us in a time, place and culture.

Featured Artist - Legends, Landmarks and Legacies | Ingrid Karlsson-Kemp
Sat 23 June - Thur 9 August 2012
"I am delighted to be exhibiting a selection of my work here at the Beetroot Gallery. I have chosen my Landmarks and Legacies project because these works are all created in mixed media, using mono printing, collage, recycled materials, print, tissue paper, crystalline water colour and machine stitching."

Sat 16 June - Sun 22 July 2012
Stylised objects recreated as luxury items, interior design, hair depicted in resin, portraits, colour and textile. A focus on 1970’s colour and design, brings together work by 4 artists; Ruth McLees, Ruth Singer, Mick Rafferty and Esther Patterson.

4 Legs Good, 2 Bad [6 ok?] | Creepies and crawlies and all creatures great and smallies
Sat 21 April - Sun 6 June 2012
A remarkable collection of artists taking inspiration from all things creepy crawly. Using creatures as a main focus of their work but with no literal representations. Collections from artists including Anna Collette Hunt, Craig Fellows, Fiona Thompson, Joanne Hummel-Newell, Jon Williams, Morwenna Catt, Naomi Greaves, Stephen Livingstone.

Featured Artist - 2D Felt Work | Dionne Swift
Sat 3 March - Thur 26 April 2012
‘I aim to investigate the world from unique and unusual angles. Photographing and drawing lost corners; finding intriguing compositions. Order gets disrupted and angles are skewed as I play with texture, techniques and processes.’

Lost & Found | Discarded objects resurrected into fine artworks
Sat 3 March - Sun 15 April 2012
Not redundant but regenerated. Works re-deploying paper, machinery, textile, card, wood & slate via 2D, sculpture & jewellery.
Collections from artists including Bob Barron, Maggie Cullen, Avril Elward, Angela Fox, Cas Holmes, Suzie Gutteridge, Chris Jenkins, Beth Nicholas, Alys Power, Aiden Spencer and Kirsty Whitlock

Featured Artist - Marie Edlin | Landscape Paintings
7 Januray 2012 - 1 March 2012
"My paintings are inspired by many camping holidays around the UK in recent years. With so much beautiful scenery to draw inspiration from, I simply had to translate it all onto canvas. My speciality is in using acrylics with a palette knife to create texture. I like to start with an entirely dark painted background and I then build up the colours from dark to light."

Young@art 2012
Tue 14 Feb - Sun 26 Feb 2012
Ages 0-18yrs and full of creativity!  A fabulous mix of 2d and 3d from the next generation of artists!  This year's vote winner was Emily Sarah Render.

Beetroot Tree Annual Open Exhibition 2012
Sat 28 Jan - Sun 12 Feb 2012
Annual showcase of local talent in all media.

Competition Winners - Chance Is A Fine Thing | Mark Veale Andy Mason Nicki Dennett Alistair Kennedy
Tue 10 Jan - Sun 22 Jan '12

Paintings, prints, ceramics, sculptures.

Matthew Harris | Discordant Imperfection
Sat 19 Nov '11 - Sun 8 Jan '12

"I am not interested in ‘perfect’ textiles’ but rather in a cloth that is made imperfect as a result of tears, patches, darns and frayed edges. Held together with a utilitarian stitch, these random and chaotic interruptions in the pattern and surface of the cloth provide the impetus for my work."

Featured Artist - Gill Hobson | Hand Blown Glass & Metal Sulptures
15 Oct 2011 - 5 January 2012

Gill's signature works in glass feature richly intricate combinations of hand-blown crystal glass elements with complex metal work. Detail, colour and light are key aspects of each work.

Hallam members of the Society of Designer Craftsmen
1 - 13 November 2011

A fantastic showcase of work in a variety of mediums (perfect for Christmas purchases) including textiles, ceramics, jewellery and glass by local members of this national group.

On The Edge | The Beetroot Trees Resident Artists
20 August - 14 October 2011

Tracey Holt Walkden - Tracey invites you to ask.... "Who drank from this cup, ate from this plate, spooned from this bowl? A fragment of history from last century found in a C17th pub garden whilst creating an oasis". Imagine yourself into your own narrative to enhance the pleasure of wearing these jewellery pieces.

Stevie Davies - Having taught herself to crochet with wire and beads from The Beetroot Tree’s “Founding Chains” project kit, Stevie has now developed a way of combining her much love fused glass and wire wrapped inclusions with the wonderful process of crochet. Using the contrasting colours and textures, each piece is unique and now has an additional layer of colour with the new wire “jacket” which encases and envelops each fused glass piece.

Nicki Dennett - The inspiration for Nickis work comes from a love of capturing fleeting moments of passers-by going about their daily lives and routines. Each piece of work evolves through a series of stages transforming rough sketches into distinctive hand made prints with rich velvety tones contrasting with fine drypoint lines. Music, words, mood or even the weather can change the path of a single piece or series of work.

Lois Heyhoe - During her studies, Lois used images and themes from the story of Alice in wonderland which lead her to become fond of the idea of collecting and sourcing different materials and colours. Her current theme of figures and faces has been influenced by artists such as Mucha and Klimt and is translated into unique wall art pieces using free machine embroidery techniques.  Colour is key to Lois’ practice and each colour is selected to contrast and compliment with another.  Together they build a vibrant and bold representation in a one off contemporary design.

Hannah Maddix - Hannah graduated in Fine Art before training in Graphic and Web Design. She continues to produce contemporary Fine Art in 'any-D' and is currently working on colour-led intuitive oil paintings.


30th July - 11th September 2011
Retaining, recalling and reviving facts, events, impressions and experiences. Featuring contemporary British artists: Dale Shields, Victoria Simpson, Sam Johnson, Adele Billinghay, Nicki Dennett, Alice Walton, Jo Brudenell and Fiona Thompson.

Oil Paintings | Madeleine Burt

25th June - 19th August 2011
Madeleine works in oil based media on panel and at times mixes her paint with a resin alkyd medium, which changes the consistency of the paint and gives a high gloss finish. She works the paintings in a variety of ways to create layers and texture with ‘anonymous’ marks: as if the painting has made itself. She contrasts this with areas that are clearly person-made, with obvious drips or a controlled, graphic application of line. She enjoys the implied tension or balance between motif and surface, and the ways the birds can be visually dominant to a surface, or almost lost within it: a chance discovery. Madeleine's work is still available through The Beetroot Tree - see it on our online shop. Please contact us for details of how to own these pieces (a 0% interest payment plan is available).

Patterned | Order or Chaos?

11 June 2011 - 24 July 2011
A veritable feast of all things colourful and contrasting, some with order, some with chaos. Ceramics, textiles, sequins, prints & paintings by nationally renowned artists: Jo Connell, Chris Barnes, James Fox, Rachel Reynolds, Joanna Kay, Chris Farrow, Jasna Nikolic, Peter Colquitt and David Buckden.

Ceramics | Ben Brierley

30th April - 24th June
The underlying philosophy of my work is very much about process and my interaction with process as a maker. Exploration is positioned within the parameters of traditional ceramic forms. I am excited by the evolution of work as individual characteristics develop; from conception on paper to fruition as a three dimensional object. Forms are informed by early animated film such as Disney’s fantasia, particularly the ‘sorcerer’s apprentice’, where domestic utilitarian objects are anthropomorphised, taking on human gestures and interactions. Marks from the making and the firing are encouraged to generate complex surfaces, creating vessels which strike an empathic resonance with the viewer. Pieces are wheel thrown, assembled and fired in anagama Woodfired cross draft kilns for three days.

Two Continents

23 April 2011 - 5 June 2011
Specialist hangings, garments & artifacts from the collections of John Gillow & Slow Loris. Includes Hemp clothing, Shibori (tie dye) cotton shirts, trousers and apron dresses and Shoowa panels from the Congo.

Landscapes | Roger Morgan

5th March - 29th April
The woodlands and rolling countryside around the Amber Valley are of constant inspiration, and, for me, the scenery visually excels some of the more documented areas of the Peak District. I suppose in many ways I am lucky that the area around Belper (where I live) remains relatively undiscovered and I often have it all to myself (particularly at 6:00am on a cold, foggy morning). Some of the best and most atmospheric pictures are achieved in the worst of weathers, and my main aim is to always try to capture how it felt to be there.

Lines in the Land

Sat 5 March 2011 - Sun 17 April 2011
Featuring Alec Finlay, Ann Povey, Kate Genever, Peter Kyte, Sarah Jennings, Sue Halstead, Tom Butcher, Alysn Midgelow-Marsden & Jo McChesney. This exhibitions opens up our poetic relationship with the land, the rural, the earth. Responses come in all media from photography, textiles, ceramics and paintings.

Snapshots | Caroline Kirton

8th January - 4th March 2011
"The intention in my practice when using traditional methods such as silk-screen printing, appliqué and embroidery, is to demonstrate to the viewer the importance of making and materials and how they have a significant place in contemporary are today. My work is a contemporary social study of the time through stitch. Young people often are seen in a bad light, so I try to highlight the positive aspects of their personalities instead of dwelling on the negative. I try to capture highs and lows as teenagers strive tot take control of their lives in a time that is often very pressured for them. My work, although very personal, is designed to universally recognisable by people of all generations in today’s society. It is designed to arouse discussion and invite interaction withe the audience whilst also showing the importance of family life and the importance of building relationships through the generations."


Tue 15th - Sun 27th February 2011
Our annual under 18's Arts Exhibition showcases talent from local schools and individuals.

Erewash Annual Open Arts Exhibition

29th January - 13th February 2011
Our annual Erewash Open Arts Exhibition draws in all the local talent from the East Midlands. This year is no exception with high standards throughout. Work includes paintings, jewellery, ceramics, sculpture and multimedia pieces fo you to enjoy.

Competition Winners NC10 - In the Frame

11th January - 23rd January 2011
NC10 are a group of Nottingham based artists working in a variety of media including willow, silk, metal, print, silver, paper.....
Each artist has created 10 small framed piece especially for this exhibition retailing at £30 as well as exhibiting a single larger work.
Artists include Louise Presley, Jane Withers, Sue Crawford, Gavin Darby, Rachel Carter, Julie Vernon, Sue Bulmer, Barbara Coulman, Kirsty Taylor, Rachel Dunn.

Edition | Royal Academicians limited prints

20th November 2010 - 9th January 2011
Limited edition artists prints for collectors and investors from heroes of contemporary art. Click the artist's name to see examples of their work.
Barbara Rae, Bruce McLean, Charlotte Cornish, Donald Hamilton Fraser, John Hoyland, Peter Blake, Sandra Blow & Trevor Price

Threads X 4

7 November 2010 - 7 January 2011
Threadsx4 first met at Barnfield College in 1999 on the City and Guilds 7802 Embroidery Course. Over the next 6 years Jill Glenister, Anne Reece, Nodeen Salmon and Anne Underwood went on to achieve their City and Guilds Diplomas in Embroidered textiles and design. Flushed with success, they decided to form their own group so that they could bounce ideas off each other. The group meets once a month to discuss their creative endeavors and most importantly to have a good lunch! The artists often set out to create within a certain time limit to give their work impetus, and attend workshops and exhibitions to fuel their enthusiasm.

Double Trouble | Alysn Midgelow-Marsden & Stevie Davies

18th October 2010 - 6th January 2011
Two of our resident artists, Alysn Midgelow-Marsden & Stevie Davies

Alysn's Statement:

My large quilt is made mostly of stainless steel, woven into a beautiful fabric. I have used various treatments to colour and distort the fabric. As so often in my work I have been inspired by a combination of personal circumstances and quotes. In this case the wording embedded on the piece reads: 'Vision without action is dreaming, action with no vision is just passing time, but with action and vision you can change the world.'
How true! (with thanks to Nelson Mandela for his words)

Stevie's Statement:

This display shows Stevies new wall based pieces which take her further along her exploration of her distinctive wire wrapping and glass fusing techniques.

Also on show...

Michèle Cooper

Knitted chains & 'Bad Hair Day' knitted bags

Michèle's Statement:

Michèle has been knitting since childhood and has explored textile clothing and accessories throughout her life. She has made sweaters and cardigans from wool, scraps, and even dish cloth cotton! Inspired by the rich autumnal colours of nature she has developed her own unique and highly wearable 'Knitted Chains' - great for scarves and belts. Her 'Bad Hair Day' knitted bags have the added funtionality of fringing to allow discreet contents for your purses, keys and other essentials.

Sensualities, Jane Bacon & Vida Midgelow | Mon 1 - Sun 14 November 2010
Evocative and thoughtful, Sensualities is a joint exhibition by interdisciplinary dance makers/academics Jane Bacon and Vida Midgelow. Developing their ongoing work as Co-Directors of the Choreographic Lab (University of Northampton) they present a collection of works that articulate the experience of moving and being moved using video, text and photographic imagery. In her new work Midgelow uses close up shots and tightly framed images of the dancer’s body in an exploration of skin, screen and nakedness. Whilst Bacon explores landscape and writing as alternative inspirations or ‘fields’ for generating creative articulations that speak to the inter-relationship between Psyche, Soma and Spirit. Download catalogue

Synaesthesia, Mark Rowen-Hull | Sat 18 September - Sun 31 October 2010
Performance Painting
Synaesthesia is a neurologically-based condition in which stimulation of one sensory or cognitive pathway leads to automatic, involuntary experiences in a second sensory or cognitive pathway. The exhibition will include work from Mark Rowan-Hull who says: 'I am a visual artist who works mostly live in performance with Music. This work has evolved partly through my own joint practice as an artist and musician and through my own unique experience of seeing music and hearing colour as one.' Download catalogue

Nicki Dennett | 10 September - 5 November 2010
Print & Illustration
Nikki makes collagraph prints with a twist. The inspiration for Nicki's work comes from a love of drawing life around her, capturing fleeting moments of passers-by going about their daily lives and routines. The work evolves through a series of stages transforming rough sketches into distinctive hand made prints with rich velvety tones contrasting with fine drypoint lines.

Fresh | 31st July - 12th September 2010
The inaugural showcase of selected work from Design Factory’s Associate members.

The exhibition, entitled and themed Fresh, features the work of the best up-and-coming craft and design talent in the East Midlands. Exhibitors interpret the theme through a variety of disciplines and materials including ceramics, glass, jewellery, textiles and mixed media.

The following Associate members were selected by The Beetroot Tree to take part in this exciting opportunity :
Barbara Cooper, Christina Giljohan, Ema Kelly – Duck in a Bucket Designs, Hannah Bates – Hannah Jewellery Designs, Jenny Creasey, Joy Norman, Kelly McRobie – Kelly Marie Designs, Lorna Syson, Nina Carolyn Jewellery, Penny Voller, Samantha Donaldson, Samantha Robinson, Sue Vanderplank, Tishy Budden.

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